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Hitman Go

Hitman Go

Hitman GO is a game made in the style of turn-based strategy game with a beautiful panoramic levels. You will have to navigate through a grid map using strategy and tactics, avoiding enemies or destroying them. You have the choice to go to the appointed place without noise. to be a shadow of themselves enemies, and will help you with this not so feeble Arsenal: camouflage, red herrings, sniper rifles, or you can reveal yourself in the first minute and destroy everything to smithereens. Also in the Arsenal there has long been a classic weapon Agent 47 – The Silverballer.

Features Hitman GO:

  • Challenging puzzles for a real hired killer
  • excellent visualization of game models
  • Levels with secret passages and secrets
  • Corporate Arsenal Agent 47
  • Different types of enemies are unique and dangerous
  • Various ways of passing: tactics or brute force

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