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Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad is crazy scrolling shooter in the style of the old school, which puts you in the role of a special forces soldier and sends you to fight the bad guys in the city Anywhere in the United States. Select your gear, knock the door and begin to act. Adapt to the situation and quickly react to what is happening around you. Use distance and cover to your advantage and use strategic abilities in the game to decide for yourself when you need health packs or recharging equipment. Or just save up the points earned and unleash your team, removing all of the bad guys in the room.

features of Door Kickers: Action Squad:

  • High-detail retro graphics
  • 6 playable characters, each with unique gameplay and opportunities to improve
  • Unique in-game system the strategic capabilities
  • 84 nonlinear level to pass
  • Endless mode “tower Defense”
  • 60 units of weapons and equipment
  • 20+ types of enemies and 4 mission objectives
  • the Mode zombie invasion, allowing you new ways to play the game

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