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NETFLIX Poinpy Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Samorost 3

Use the magic flute on purpose and fall to different worlds Samorost 3. The main character was a curious dwarf with a passion to learn everything about the Universe and get to its origins. He will have to help, because each of the nine worlds will be interesting riddles and puzzles without solving them, the dwarf next to move can not. Adventures will haunt the main character and the one who will make him company. Join a bright and exciting adventure into the incredible worlds and atmosphere, conveyed through music, great graphics and sounds!

Pixel Rooms -room escape game-

Pixel Rooms – Start your own journey in a completely new universe where you need to escape from the room at any cost! Your main character, Mr. Pixel, consists entirely of pixels, starting from the very top to the bottom. Choose the room you need to pass through and start by familiarizing yourself with the situation, the location of the doors and your own character on the map. To move to another level, you will have to go through a closed door, and for this you need to overcome a long way from various obstacles on the floor.


Scalak – this is a puzzle for those who can see the whole things. The job is very simple, there are a whole object and you need to fill in this blank spaces, however it will not be easy. If at the beginning all you need is to choose what and where suitable, then have to rotate the objects to take ‘ em apart and be wrong a whole bunch of times. Time and limit moves here, and then everything will be focused only on your understanding of the game.

Странное Приключение Голавля

Odd Adventure of Chub, Color – Get into a completely painted black and white world where various colored objects appear on top of landscapes! Together with the Chub, you will go through a complicated story consisting of real dialogues, puzzles and of course surprises in the passage. Before you play, find out some interesting facts about each of the characters: Chub does not like fish sticks and dry humor, Color does not like doing something and being the second in the title, 23 does not like being alone and thinking about others.

Silent Dot – Minimalist Puzzle

Silent Dot – Minimalist Puzzle – Focus as much as possible on solving puzzles in each level to complete all 180 levels prepared for you! Although the game is made in a minimalist style using bright color schemes, it has only 3 difficulty levels, and you can constantly change them depending on your own capabilities and confidence in skills. Move the dots along the hexagonal shapes that are connected and create certain shapes to go as far as possible. Enjoy the process and the accompanying music in the background!


Pulmonary – In order to get to the finish line and finish the game, you will need to be smart and come up with a solution to the problem that has appeared before you. The essence of the game is that you cannot go further until you use the information provided behind you. That is, the future path is hidden from you, so you can only go back and find a way to pass there. Although you will have only a few buttons for your own journey through this world, they are enough to complete certain tasks.


Unitied – Get full relaxation of the brain, while keeping it a little focused on the tasks set in this puzzle game! You have a chance to take part in 50 intense levels where you will need to move blocks up, down, left or right to complete the level when the desired block reaches the final point. The main difficulty is that your blocks will have different shapes, and the maps with platforms will also not be the same, so you will have to think about how to put one or another block at the end.

Linko 2 – Relaxing Loop Shape

Get ready for a full immersion in the unusual interface of the game and tremendous relaxation when your brain is focused on only one task. There will be special shapes with broken sides in front of you, your task is to connect the lines to get a complete figure. Fill in the free space to go to other levels that are almost the same as the previous ones. This game is considered a great pastime for waking up or temporarily tuning the brain for further work.

Blocko – Relaxing Symmetry

Blocko – Relaxing Symmetry – Free your own brain from any disturbing thoughts and fully concentrate on the puzzles set before you in this game, which relaxes and from which it is impossible to break away for a long time! Have an interesting time in any place where you are or will be: at home, in line, at work, in the subway or other transport. It is best to use your free time usefully, without plunging into a complex interface and loaded storylines. Collect the necessary shapes from the presented blocks as in the examples above and gradually move on.

Hitman Go

Hitman GO is a game made in the style of turn-based strategy game with a beautiful panoramic levels. You will have to navigate through a grid map using strategy and tactics, avoiding enemies or destroying them. You have the choice to go to the appointed place without noise. to be a shadow of themselves enemies, and will help you with this not so feeble Arsenal: camouflage, red herrings, sniper rifles, or you can reveal yourself in the first minute and destroy everything to smithereens. Also in the Arsenal there has long been a classic weapon Agent 47 – The Silverballer.