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NETFLIX Poinpy Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus


NETFLIX Poinpy is a fantastic universe filled with a variety of colors and challenges for the saturation of the game, each time it will give you the opportunity not only to improve your own abilities, but also to raise the level of your character! Jump around the free territory and earn precious points by doing this, roll over and collect fruits for battles with monsters, collect useful items (snail clock, octobab) and use them for their intended purpose to facilitate a particular segment of the game.


Botanicula Game from Machinarium, Studio Amanita Design and Czech band DVA, which are closely intertwined adventure and light humor. Five little friends who travel to the big tree and try to save the last seed of their favorite tree. But not so easy, because they hunt the evil parasites! Your task is to help them save their last hope for a carefree life on their favorite tree…

Masha and the Bear Pizza Maker

Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria – Masha from the cartoon intends to bake delicious pizza, so she will need any of your help in the kitchen! Roll out the dough, add the necessary ingredients, put the finished billet in the oven for a certain time, cut the pizza into pieces and choose a beautiful package to transfer the order to the customer. Try to deliver pizza to all places quickly and carefully, because even on the way there will be a large number of unexpected obstacles in front of you that can damage your transport and you will not be able to continue working.

that’s a cow

that’s a cow – Play as a crushing cow, which is best not to stand in the way, otherwise it will be very sad! Your little animal can fly independently on its own jet of milk, so you will have to learn how to rotate it to get the right direction of flight. Try to always move faster, climb as high as possible, overcome objects on your way, defeat enemies and of course push objects so that they do not interfere with you flying further. Collect a whole collection of different cows, perhaps you will come across a rare cow?

Rollance : Adventure Balls

Rollance : Adventure Balls – Don’t let your rolling ball fall off the road while you carefully try to overcome any obstacles in your way! By collecting additional bonuses, you automatically become stronger and bigger in size! Take advantage of the improvements to easily and quickly complete each level without using a lot of effort. Learn to fully control the ball without wasting your own lives, because then you will have to wait until they recover to continue their journey through unusual locations.

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham – опять игровое подразделение LEGO дарит вам новую игру про легендарного супер героя. В игре вы можете встретить большое количество известных по вселенной DC Comics героев – их в игре более 100 персонажей! Для каждого героя можно разблокировать специальные костюмы, которые могут повысить ваши характеристики. Игра хоть и приветствует внутри игровые покупки но всё же всех без исключения игровых персонажей можно открыть и без дополнительных покупок. Помимо мрачного Готэма, вы побываете в космосе, сторожевой башне лиги справедливости и в других интересных местах.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride – your hero daredevil named Barry. He decided in that whatever was to get to the lab senile evil scientist and destroy the created jet packs. After all, the evil genius wants to create an army, and that can’t happen! So you will have to travel to laboratories and not to fall into the trap of the scientist, placed here and there. In your inventory at first, not so much weapons but as you progress and collect coins you can buy upgrades for your backpack or even something new. For example, a motorcycle where the road and obstacles will be completely different… Well, good luck to you in your peace mission!

Deep Fortress

Deep Fortress – Having believed in one of the colossal legends about hidden treasures under an ancient fortress located in a distant country, you immediately go in search of them! In the hunt for future wealth, you will be hindered by a huge number of dangerous factors: monsters, a territory with many traps, existing items only in certain biomes, and so on. After learning for a short time, you will literally be able to defeat your first opponent right away, and then everything will go according to plan and you will even enjoy moving around interesting places.

Tightrope Theatre

Tightrope Theatre – As one of the regular clowns who give performances only in circuses, the clown Chester dreams of one day becoming famous all over the world and becoming fabulously rich with the help of his own celebrity. Survive as many difficult events on the tightrope as possible, at the same time getting behind the wheel of a cleat and preparing for a seriously dangerous performance. More than 100 levels are filled with mazes, spikes, bombs, cannons, trampolines and even objects appearing out of nowhere through certain free spaces on each of the received locations.