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NETFLIX Poinpy Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus – the continuation of the famous Modern Combat, also offers to complete the mission, challenge the opponent. The events unfolding in Eastern Europe, South America and the middle East! Your attention 4 modes games. The variant of the game to 10-player online and local battles. It is possible to take away the enemy 15 weapons, and then modify it. You will war, weapons, experience, awards, and ratings of confrontations!

Niffelheim: Vikings Survival

Nifelheim: Viking Survival – Choose a unique warrior who can get the necessary resources in any weather or extreme conditions! A Viking who fell in battle wants to find the true way to Valhalla, but once in Niflheim, he begins to do everything to facilitate independent searches. Explore ancient caves with numerous artifacts that can then be sold dearly or used as an additional force in battles. To open the portal, you need its pieces, carefully guarded by evil spirits, giants and deadly spiders, so try to survive everything and reach the end.

NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050

In 2064, a special organization called the “Guardians of NOVA” was finally created, in which they rapidly began to prepare for future resistance with the attack of the Empire, as had already happened to Earth in 2051. Having emigrated to space 13 years later, you have learned not only to survive anew in new conditions, but also gained access to completely different opportunities for the future advancement of humanity. Properly equip and protect your current home before something happens again that everyone is so afraid of.

Pixel Shooter Infinity

Pixel Shooter Infinity – Take full control of what happens inside the game to enjoy the process as much as possible and reach the very end! With the help of your hand, you will be able to move the available ship in any direction, spend precious energy on shots, destroy enemy forces and their bosses, in addition to find out what it’s like to find harmony between all the processes taking place. Try to avoid enemy attacks as long as possible, which occur quite often and intensively, and equally collect stones to improve strength.

The Apple Knight: Action Platformer

the Apple Knight: Action-Platformer – game-platformer for Android where you will operate a brave knight. In this game you will embark on a dangerous journey through the Kingdom which wants to take over the army of an evil king. Walk your difficult path paving his way through hordes of evil wizards, knights, and creatures. Destroy enemies in close combat using his sword and far using their unique abilities or traps. Each new level will give you new adventures and types of enemies. Explore colorful locations, hand-drawn and purchase powerful new weapons and abilities for your character.

2 Player Boss Fight

2 Player Boss Fight – You will have different modes to choose from, that is, you can play them and then decide in which you want to develop the most: team for two, single, endless or one-on-one. Experiment with the use of 9 types of weapons, go through more than 10 difficult bosses, get into the ranking of the best players, choose the best spaceship from the 20 offered and try modifiers to get chaos!

Magic vs. Metal

In this game you will fight for the most important and valuable element in the world: celestia. After the global catastrophe, humanity destroyed almost all life on Earth. But on the ruins of the destroyed world, two factions emerged: magicians – supernatural beings of incredible strength, and mechs – a race of ultramodern machines. Now these two factions are waging a brutal war for the right to possess celestius.

Space Commander: War and Trade

Space Commander: War and Trade – the single-player space simulator in which you have to participate in battles and steer the ship. Roam space and collect the necessary resources and weapons, develop campaigns and execute the tactics and strategy of combat, use the most modern military technology and defense, not to surrender to the enemy. Choose various game modes, create your own fleet or build his career as a mercenary, trader or wizard, each of them has its advantages.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO – после того как успех пришёл к игре Hitman GO, Square Enix Montreal решила выпустить аналогичную по игровой механике игру, только в главной роли теперь не убийца № 1, а всем известная расхитительница гробниц. Игра представляет собой приключенческую игру с различными головоломками и пошаговыми сражениями. Вы оказались в затерянном мире, руины древней забытой цивилизации разбросаны здесь с завидной регулярностью, а секреты скрытые от чужих глаз, можно обнаружить, внимательно осмотрев окружающие вас предметы. В игре более семидесяти головоломок, поделённых пятью главами.

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS – new version of all the famous shooter! You continue to play the role of rescuer on the US side, but it is possible in the game, and the side of the terrorists. You are given 80 different cards, over 25 weapons and add-ons to it. Also include various helicopters, tanks, droids, and use it all you will be able to cover the allied forces. In the new version of the game there is a new movement of the character: tackle and Dodge bullets.